If you’re looking to break away from the norm or just looking for a fun new way to play slot machines, you should try playing in a slots tournament. They have been around for a while but are starting to catch on with many gamblers and casino patrons both online and live.

So, how does a slot tournament work exactly? It’s pretty simple and if you’ve ever played in a poker tournament it’s almost the exact same thing.

The tournament will have a set fee based on what the casino is charging. You pay the fee and a small part goes to the casino and the rest goes into a prize pool. The fee is how the casinos make their money and is usually a very small percentage of the buy in. Usually around 5-10%.

The tournament will start when either a set number of people are entered or at a certain time. Once it starts the fun begins.

Every player will start with the same amount of money on their slot machine. You will then have a certain amount of time to win as much as possible. The person with the most winnings at the end is crowned champion of that tournament and wins a large chunk of the prize pool.

The prizes will vary based on how many people are playing and how much the prize pool is. But generally first, second and third places will get the bulk of the prize money. You will find special tournaments that are winner take all and the prize can be pretty hefty.

A slot tournament is very unique as you can employ some strategy and use skill to beat the rest of the players. You have to use a betting strategy so that you don’t go broke. You will also find times where you need to go all out to catch up with the leader which can be a thrilling experience.

Slot tournaments take competition and mix it in with a little gambling to create an exciting environment that all slots players are sure to fall in love with. It’s also a good way to play slots on a small bankroll. You can play for a few hours or so with a small amount of money and not have to worry about losing that much. And the possibilities of winning a large amount make it even sweeter.

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